Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#thebeautifulproject: A different kind of supermodel

So I am talking about beautiful women this month.
The first person I think of is not Kate Moss or Jennifer Aniston or the Victoria's Secret line up.

It's this woman...

My mother...of course...seen here in 2012 at a family my super-model

I think of her gentleness, her positive spirit, her faith,
I think of the times she spoke love to me.
Of the times she wept with friends who were hurting
And held the hands of those who experienced loss.
I think of her ability to share her faith with others
And show hospitality to strangers.

Alzheimer's has stolen much of her ability to reason now.
She struggles to remember her husband of 50+ years and the last meal she ate.
Once her dream was to travel overseas and talk about Jesus.
Now she is unsure of what is a dream and what is reality.

But she can still laugh at silly things.
And she gets up and puts on clothes that match
And earrings...always the earrings...
And she can talk about Jesus.

Who is your "super-model"?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


This month I will be talking about #theBeautifulproject.

It's a project with purpose...Mocha Club's way of involving bloggers and others in a fundraising campaign that has specific goals:  A personal goal for me and a bigger goal of, in my case, raising awareness and funds for healthcare issues related to AIDS/HIV in Ethiopia and the surrounding areas.

I'm so full of anticipation about this was hard to write this first sort things out and not just dump everything on you at once.  So I'm going to give you a little bullet pointed list of what's happening!
  • My goal is to raise $1000 for AIDS/HIV healthcare for women
  • I have several items specially designed items in my shop and the profit will all go towards this fundraising can see them here...and more are coming!
  • I will be hosting an auction on Instagram on April 24 and 100% of the money will go towards my fundraising goal. (so thankful for so many handmade friends who are donating!)
  • I will be sharing about beauty this whole month...highlighting beautiful women I know that I think you should know!
  • If you would like to donate directly to Mocha Club to get a tax-deductible receipt, you may do so by clicking on the link in my sidebar. 
  • When I reach my goal, I'll be getting a makeover and having a professional photo, if you know me is a HUGE deal...because I hate having my picture taken...but my goal this month is to not just raise money for an awesome cause, it's to help each of us see how beautiful we are...
So today I leave you with this quote by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross...

The most beautiful people we have known 
are those who have known defeat, 
known suffering, known struggle, known loss, 
and have found their way out of the depths. 
These persons have an appreciation, 
a sensitivity, and an understanding of life 
that fills them with compassion, gentleness, 
and a deep loving concern. 
Beautiful people do not just happen.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Stay GOLD.

Social media has changed me life.
That sounds really dramatic, doesn't it.
For effect, I should probably say that it means EVERYTHING to me and
I would DIE without it.

That's a little much...but seriously, it has changed my life.
In the past year, especially, God has used social media, especially my blog and Instagram
To help me push past my fears and reach out.
It's that old "overcomer" thing again.
When I think of the people I know today that I didn't know a year ago,
And the people I know more deeply today that I just knew on the surface a year ago
I'm amazed at how God has used these tools to change me.

I'm thrilled at the way He prompts me
To trust more fully,
To love more completely,
To give more than I ever thought I could.

And He's connecting me with people who live so many places I've never even thought of how would I have met them and learned about their lives without social media?

Have you met Joy Kinnard from SmalltownJoy?  She's an amazing wife, mom and friend...and most importantly, an awesome example of God's goodness.  She shares how "daily manna unfolds" in relation to so many things regarding her family, most specifically, regarding her son Riley.

Riley was diagnosed with Pars Planitis (an eye disease) in both eyes at the end of third grade. Up until this time, he was very active in sports, playing baseball and basketball. Originally, the doctors felt that his eyes were experiencing trauma from an injury, but we could not recall any injury. We spent months seeking a diagnosis and eventually we were sent to a specialist about four hours away from our home. He diagnosed Riley's eyes with Pars Planitis within a few minutes and began a treatment plan.

Pars Planitis is a disease that attacks the Pars Plana area of the eye located on the inside of the eye around the retina. It can, and generally does, lead to blindness. A danger with Pars Planitis is sudden loss of vision.He may go to sleep with sight and wake up without sight.

Riley has endured five surgeries on his right eye. As a result of the disease he also has a pupil disorder, glaucoma, cataracts, swelling, snowbanks and severe scarring in his eye. Without glasses, he is considered legally blind. He is no longer participating in sports.

We completely depend on God to provide for Riley's medical needs, We make frequent trips out of state for his specialized medical care. In the beginning, the Lord laid it on my heart to set aside an envelope for RIley's medical needs. We call it "Riley's God Pocket" and the Lord always fills it for us as He promised he would. We have seen the envelope empty and fill again time after time. It has increased our faith and and allowed us to grow closer to God.

Riley is now in eighth grade. He is an honors students and hopes to be graphic designer when he grows up. We make efforts to take him to "see" things he'd like to see when possible. Riley is a joy to be around and never, ever complains about his eye.

We want to stuff Riley's God Pocket full of money, and one way we're doing that is by selling another t-shirt!

Staying Gold is about not bowing to the pressure you feel to conform to the norm...whether you're five years old on the playground or fifty-five in the gym or the boardroom.

We want to encourage you to be yourself and not let anyone steal your joy...and so we say to you...STAY GOLD!

Printed on a black t-shirt or tank, yo

u will shine (with the metallic screen print)!

Available in adult and youth sizes!.

Here's the link!